It doesn’t have to be like hell.. You can wean yourself off slowly.

I’m no fan of the fast detox. Slow as you go for me. And you stand a better chance of not;  a) Withdrawing really badly; or b) Going back soon into using again, with a fast detox. But everyone is different..

There’s loads of discussions out there on this topic. I’d like to comment that the extra time benefits that a longer, smoother detox could bring include:

  1. Getting to know yourself better;
  2. Coming to terms with all the bad stuff that has happened and continues to happen to in your life.
  3. Giving you more time to plan the next and best positive step in life.
  4. Getting the right kind of nutrition / exercising and changing your diet. (hopefully)
  5. Making sure you have a real support network around you, of people you can trust, who won’t let you give up your dreams and protect you from using again in their presence.

There’s plenty more you could come up with, I’m sure.

Detoxing off Venlafaxine

I was reading an article about detoxing from Venlafaxine. Most Doctors will doubt you when you say that Velafaxine is habit-forming. But guess what? There’s evidence to the contrary. From personal experience, I KNOW when I’ve missed a dose of Venlafaxine (also called Effexor) –  Starts with Horrible Brain-Zaps. Like electricity is being put through the brain. Every time you slightly move your head, Zap! My friend who’s on the stuff gets them too. In the article, they actually recommend switching to Prozac and then coming off that.. Well bugga that! I’ve been on fluoxetine (Prozac) and it turned me into an arrogant arse! I thought I was royalty! I think it’s best for me to detox off the anti-depressant slowly and slowly…


Here’s the original blog post:

How to Get Off Antidepressants Effexor/Pristiq (Venlafaxine/Desvenlafaxine)

2 thoughts on “It doesn’t have to be like hell.. You can wean yourself off slowly.

  1. venlafaxine is the worst if you miss a dose, it feels like a your heart is out of rhythm. Duloxetine is the same. Never had the same with prozac. Taking 90 duloxetine daily. It works for me. At least I know I do not want to be the angry person I am when I am off

  2. Seems to me a little anger is not such a bad thing when directed towards a worthy enemy! The pharmaceutical giants profit obscenely by our poor health – and therefore are hoping for us not to get better. They are the devil! They want to sell us more and more medication… and this has led to massive over prescribing, especially of psychiatric drugs.

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