Three from iopan

Bottle with Trickster Cap

“Bottle with Trickster Cap”

The bottle is an ominous reminder of the chosen poison, be it whiskey, gin or methadone. The trickster is present here in the guise of a hare bottle-top. The hare is often mischievous, troublesome or tricksome. The bottle itself is labeled with a mathematical diagram which appears to be the square of -1. The answer to this is an impossible number and is represented by the character i.

Needle Fettish

“Needle Fetish”

It’s a sad fact that a significant number of intravenous drug users develop what amounts to a needle fetish. Does this stem from an unconscious desire to self-harm? Does it indicate a problem with self-worth? Is it simply a by-product of a learned reward system or are there other reasons for taking pleasure in the painful process of finding a vein and injecting? The needle, being the means to take the drug, becomes mistaken for the effects of the drug itself.

Woman on Drip

“Woman On A Drip”

Addicts and Alcoholics are often totally unaware of the health risks they are taking in using. It’s not supprising, then, that so many succumb to illnesses and diseases. The woman on the drip in this image is covering her naked body and carrying an IV drip around with her. I wanted to show both vulnerability and pathos.

— iopan (Richard Proffitt)

The images above were first painted in acrylics on canvas, but have been re-worked through the use of the computer – ie they have been digitised, re-drawn using Adobe Illustrator. Although this process has cleaned up the images, I still tried to stay true to the original colour schemes.

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