Art Vs Rehab: An excellent website

I’ve just come across an excellent website for anyone who’s lives have been caught up with the twin-play of art and addiction, called: Art v’s Rehab.

The site contains a collection of documents called it’s ‘Critical Tool Kits’: “They will help you explore six key themes currently affecting the relationship between art and addiction, homelessness, mental health and the criminal justice system. They will help you think more critically about the relationship between art and rehabilitation, challenge current conventions and improve your practice.” – I’ve downloaded them all…

Here’s an exercise from the first toolkit called: Artists V’s Art Therapists. I think this is so important to come back to the reason why we’re all doing this, this exercise can also be done alone.

Thinking Bigger

Hannah Hull

The purpose of this exercise is to compare the long-term aims of art and art therapy: the “bigger picture”. It is intended to help us see whether we are all working towards the same goal, and bring to light any essential differences in the core purpose of these practices


Split into two groups: one to think about art therapy practice and one to think about art practice

Each group should spend 15 minutes addressing the following questions, listing or mapping your ideas on a big piece of paper…

  • What are the benefits of art/art therapy to the practitioner, the audience and society at large?
  • How do you describe the importance of art/art therapy?
  • What is the ultimate aim of art/art therapy activity?
  • What change in the world do you think art/art therapy can facilitate?


These are big and possibly difficult questions, and people may have very different ideas. But be adventurous and try to think big!

The two groups then present their ideas to each other…

  • Can we see any essential differences between the aims of the two groups?
  • Are there any surprising crossovers?
  • Do the purposes of art/art therapy compliment each other?


Download the whole Toolkit at:


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