Three from iopan

— iopan (Richard Proffitt) The images above were first painted in acrylics on canvas, but have been re-worked through the use of the computer – ie they have been digitised, re-drawn using Adobe Illustrator. Although this process has cleaned up the images, I still tried to stay true to the original colour schemes.

Heroin Facing the Dragon

Published on 2 Jul 2012 Observational documentary of Sarah & Cassie – two Heroin and Crack addicts who attempted to detox in radical treatment programme at Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand. Directed & Produced by Richard Higson. Associate Produced & DV Directed by Sharron Ward. The documentary originally aired on Current TV UK June 2010. Filmed […]

追龙 (Chase the dragon)

  Sleeping, ever dreaming of Nature’s healing touch Curling smoke reveals your denial For everyone to see Burning up dollars and meeting mixed-up friends His head splits open and out comes two perfect orchids   We pin on a badge from 1945 Should have the right effect And the older we become; memory of childhood […]