Countries Decriminalising Drugs

Full article published on the Governance and Justice Group website, 14th March 2016. Increasing Number of Countries Decriminalising Drugs Ahead of UN Debate on Global Drugs Policy ‘Report finds decriminalisation improves public health and social outcomes, saves governments money, and does not increase drug use’ Report finds decriminalisation improves public health and social outcomes, saves […]

Lancet Report Calling For Drug Decriminalisation…

Full article published in the Huffington Post, 24th March 2016. Lancet Report Calling For Drug Decriminalisation Means Reformists Can No Longer Be Branded ‘Crazed Drug Users’ ‘Countries are neglecting their legal responsibilities’ While calls for decriminalisation are nothing new, the “huge significance of the report is its provenance”, said Steve Rolles, of drugs reform think-tank […]

Digital Artwork: Needle Fetish II

Original digital artwork by iopan. March 2016. The following is an abstract from an academic paper available from Governing the injecting drug user: Beyond needle fixation Ian Walmsley University of the West of England, UK   Abstract This article offers a critical contribution to the debate on a problematic ‘type’ of injecting drug use […]

How to Make Drug Taking Better in 2016

Published in VICE on: 2nd January 2016. How to Make Drug Taking Better in 2016 For over a century, world leaders have been deliberating over what exactly they should do about drugs. Unfortunately, all that deliberation hasn’t got them too far in terms of actually keeping people or the planet very safe. The widespread collateral […]

How Widely Available Is Morphine In The World?

POSTED ON: By Keri Blakinger 29th October 2015. Global Commission on Drug Policy released a report last week detailing the lack of access to painkillers across the globe. Ninety-two percent of the world’s morphine is taken by just 17% of the world’s population. That was just one of the conclusions of the Global Commission […]

Three from iopan

— iopan (Richard Proffitt) The images above were first painted in acrylics on canvas, but have been re-worked through the use of the computer – ie they have been digitised, re-drawn using Adobe Illustrator. Although this process has cleaned up the images, I still tried to stay true to the original colour schemes.