Housewife uses LSD Experiment. 1950s.

Dr. Sidney Cohen interviews a 1950s housewife, who’s husband worked at the Los Angeles Veterans Administration Hospital, before and after administering LSD to her for the first time. This was right before the pop culture spread of LSD and it’s effects in the 1960s, leaving her experience unmediated by any ideas of what to expect […]

This Is How Europe Takes Drugs in 2014

Published on VICE, 4th June 2014. This Is How Europe Takes Drugs in 2014 The 2014 European Drug Report came out last week and told us exactly what we already knew: that Europeans are very fond of drugs. For better or worse, our continent has arguably been the world’s most prolific drug-consuming landmass for a […]

Heroin Facing the Dragon

Published on 2 Jul 2012 Observational documentary of Sarah & Cassie – two Heroin and Crack addicts who attempted to detox in radical treatment programme at Thamkrabok Monastery in Thailand. Directed & Produced by Richard Higson. Associate Produced & DV Directed by Sharron Ward. The documentary originally aired on Current TV UK June 2010. Filmed […]

追龙 (Chase the dragon)

  Sleeping, ever dreaming of Nature’s healing touch Curling smoke reveals your denial For everyone to see Burning up dollars and meeting mixed-up friends His head splits open and out comes two perfect orchids   We pin on a badge from 1945 Should have the right effect And the older we become; memory of childhood […]