Pirates:- The story so far…

One fine wet day Mummy Pirate staggered into her local CDT / Recovery Partnership. She knew she was drinking too much, using too much cocaine, add a bomb of base, a sniff of subutex, a handful of bumps and a snuggle of “mandy” and that pretty much explains where she was at. Oh my she felt sorry for herself! She sniffed and snotted her way through her assessment and walked out with her first appointment with a key worker.

Her key worker was a dude! Very steady, grounded and insightful, and not up for any bull-shit! Crucially he was also a hearty advocate of meditation.

Now, the partnership was a very sterile environment. Lots of nice druggy leaflets everywhere, warnings about various diseases, bad batches of gear alerts etc, the kind of leaflet that Mummy Pirate really liked when she was a pirate pup.  Now she found a bit depressing and boring, especially as she now cynically imagined a fat government suit sitting down typing them on his expensive technology, with his triple whisky in front of him and a stash of coke in his wallet, not to mention the porn he’ll be reading later full of pics of sorry little junkie babes. Cynical!! I’m sure that’s not how it is ….

(I) digress … So Mummy Pirate offers to enlist the help of a small pirate crew in order to brighten the place up a bit and get some real “junkies in recovery” art out there. All crew members were to be in recovery, not artyness required, only a openness to it.

So, Recovery Pirates was born! The crew immediately became “Pirates”, there was no planning, it just seemed the natural thing to call it. After all pirates and junkies are not without their similarities.  tbc





Oh ok, it’s me! Mummy Pirate continues …


Initially we were to have 6 – 8 sessions.

So far we have tried some sacred geometry, some marbling, drawing into marbled paper (particularly nice I think), photography (self portraits) This session was a difficult one for me, however I am sure that “self portrait” is of particular relevance to pirates, and I imagine it is a theme we will be visiting regularly. We have done some mono-printing which is lovely as it gives fantastic results quickly (which is of course what we all like!!) Paper cutting has been dabbled in, as has text and poetry, although this is not my area particularly and I have found my confidence seriously lacking. However I am determined that text and poetry should be a big part of these sessions.

Crew wise we have had anything from three to ten pirates at a session, and there are now 7 of us who come regularly, and another 5 or 6 who make it fairly regularly.

The sessions have proved to be great fun! Importantly (I think) the chat is open and honest, there is no pressure to “say the right thing”, there is a lot of banter, much taking the piss out of ourselves and each other, and in every session the chat has always reached eventually the serious issues surrounding recovery, the challenges, the strategies, the help that’s available, positive and negative experiences, pitfalls, the lies we tell ourselves, and the differences between us and how we might recover (liberate ourselves). Also the mental processes we all go through in every stage of recovery. tbc

The sessions were (are) fairly chaotic, but fun! Some of the work we have produced in our first three months is on our home page.


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  1. Recovery Pirates News!

    Recovery Pirates have left the building! Now Shipmates are gathering at the Escape Arts Workshop Shakespeare Street. Mates are currently exploring Pirate Flags. Donations readily accepted and encouraged, now. Please come if you missed a week or more, you are still welcome, even if you have no money to donate.
    A Focus Steering Group is emerging and needs your Focus Ideas. What would you like the group to focus on? Let us know!
    Please also submit your comments on your positive and negative experiences within the Recovery Pirates group.
    Please use the website recoverypirates.com

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